Must Haves for the Best Summer

Must Haves for the Best Summer

It’s officially summer! Yay! The past few weeks I have already been living the summer life. Here in North Carolina it’s been pretty consistently 80 or so degrees so I have been trying to take advantage of that. Days at the pool, at the lake, sitting in the sun… you know just summer girlie things. I have made a list of things that I think you need this summer.  

  1. The Linked Diamonds Necklace for your pool and lake days

I have loved wearing my Linked Diamonds Necklace at the pool and at the lake. It’s waterproof so it won’t get damaged as you get in and out of the water. It also won’t irritate your skin. From now until August 31st you can actually get a discount on the necklace to celebrate the summer! Use the code “happysummer” to get 20% off.

Order the necklace

2. A cute cover up

I like a good swimsuit (I’ll get to that later), but LOVE a cute coverup. I think cover ups are underrated. I have two that I will link and I adore them. I think the key to a good cover up is 1) fun bright summer colors 2) comfortable and breathable fabric. I have two cover ups that I absolutely love. One I wear for just random fun and the other I wear for relaxing beach days. The relaxing beach day cover up is longer while the random fun day is shorter. 

Short and Functional Coverup 

Relaxing on the beach Coverup

3. A cute dresses

As a dress girlie myself I love summer because I love the fun dress styles that are available during the summer. Plus there is also that sundress discussion. I fo9und some cute ones on Amazon that I will link as well as a few that I have that I personally like. 

Amazon Sundresses

Favorite Sundress Currently 1

Favorite Sundress Currently 2

4. Statement earrings

Statement earrings are the fashion style for the summer. So many It Girls and celebrities have been wearing them. There are so many fun styles that really elevate your outfit. I think they are great even if you’re wearing a basic tshirt or a classy sundress. You can get your own pair that’s cute and affordable. I’ll link the collection of 5 pieces below. Don't forget the summer sale!

Bold and Beauty Statement Earring Collection

5. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are so fun. A good pair of sunglasses are additions to your entire outfit. The key is to find a pair that fits the shape of your face. I personally love the large ones, but I have been trying out a few smaller shaped ones. I’ll link my two favorite ones below.

Big Sunglasses

Smaller Sunglasses

6. Swimsuits

One of the best parts of summer are pool days. Whether you are laying out on or playing mermaids in the water you need a cute suit. I will link my favorite and one that I am obsessed with by Selkie. 

Selkie swimsuit

Swimsuit 1

Swimsuit 2

7. A good group of friends

One of the best parts about summer whether you are in school or the workforce is the time you spend with your friends during that summer. One of my friends jokingly pointed out how during winter everyone kind of disappears until around April/May when the weather is nicer. We are able to have more fun. The best way to guarantee you have a great summer is by spending it with your friends.

I hope you have the best summer yet. 

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